Magnet Video Lab

Animation, Video

Magnet Video Lab

Magnet Video Lab is a short film collaborative based out of Magnet Theater in New York. DN74 was responsible for directing members of a small group and guiding them from conception to final product for their seasonal show. 74’s other responsibilities included promotion and updating social media to spread awareness of the group. Below are examples of short films written, produced, directed, and edited by DN74.

Magnet Theater
Creative direction, writing, directing, producing, editing


Theresa and Peter’s relationship goes through a rough transition.

Alexander Gets Lost

Alexander may be lost, but he has no problem making new “friends”.


Donald’s social anxiety is a big headache.


Recovered Decaptroflaxen research footage one for a drug that aids in the removal of limbs, preparing for the next step in bionic implants.

This is Paul

Words can’t express how happy Paul is to make a new friend.

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